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Happy Astronomy Day!

🔭 Happy Astronomy Day!! 🔭

Celebrate with this educational children’s book title and so many more of our space books at ~

Astronomy (IR)

How do astronomers study planets, stars and galaxies? What are rovers and where have they landed? How do different telescopes work? In this book, you’ll find out the answers and lots more fascinating facts about astronomy.

Ages: 6 years and up
Size: 6 1/8 x 8 3/8
Pages: 32
Series: Beginners
Author: Emily Bone
Price: $4.99 (Hardback) or $12.99 (Library)

⭐️ Find it here:

Happy Reading!! 😍📚


Happy International Drum Percussion Month!

May is International Drum Percussion Month!  🥁

Celebrate with this fun children’s book title ~

Drumming Book (IR)

A step up from My First Drumming Book, this Drumming book will have seven drum sound buttons at the bottom of the book. There will be some rhythms to follow from different genres of music.

Ages: 6 years and up
Size: 10 7/8 x 14
Pages: 18pp
Series: My First Music Books
Author: Sam Taplin
Price: $24.99 (Spiral Hard)

⭐️ Find it here: