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I have to take this opportunity to share our educational children’s books with you. We use so many of these great books to supplement our homeschool curriculum. Here is a link so that you can see them too – http://www.ShopUsborneBooks.com/c/159/learning-resources-by-grade.


Happy Math 2.0 Day!

Math 2.0 Day

Happy Math 2.0 Day!

Celebrate the blending of technology and mathematics with these FUN and EDUCATIONAL children’s book titles at www.ShopUsborneBooks.com.

Want to know just how important Math and Technology are?
If so, be sure to also read this children’s book title about an AMAZING American hero 🇺🇸, who has shown us that mathematics and technology can take you anywhere!! 🚀
⭐️ http://www.ShopUsborneBooks.com/p/8269/extraordinary-life-of-katherine-johnson-the
(Library copy currently available, paperback copy ETA 7/29/20)

Happy Reading!! 😍📚


Time Traveler

Time Traveler~

Get Your Copy Here: http://www.ShopUsborneBooks.com/p/180/time-traveler-cv

  • Currently out of stock, as of June 23, 2020 – ETA 7/26/20

Discover what life was really like in this action-packed adventure through history. Visit a castle during the Crusades, meet a ferocious band of Viking raiders, explore Rome when the Roman empire was at its height and take a trip down the Nile at a time when pharaohs ruled Egypt. Informative and amusing, this fully illustrated book contains four updated Usborne classics: Knights & Castles, Viking Raiders, Rome & Romans, Pharaohs & Pyramids.

Ages: 8 – 11
Size: 8 5/8 x 10 3/4
Pages: 130
Series: Time Traveler
Author: J. Hindley et al.
Price: $22.99 (Hardback)

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